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OMG! Important information about our latex!

If you buy our latex, you explicitly agree with our terms and conditions and those of Webshop Trustmark and confirm that you have read the information about our latex and the conditions.


  • This exclusive, special and luxury latex is sold in sheets in different sizes. That's because the latex is 100% handmade! Therefore, it is not supplied on a roll but per sheets. 
  • Maximum size  of 1 sheet is ± 100 cm x ± 200 cm. Sheets with lace and textured surface are ± 85 x ± 95 cm. Sometimes we will create other sizes, it is stated with the latex design.


  • Each sheet can vary ± 0,20 mm within the sheet (if your order 0.50 mm, the thickness can be 0.40-0.60 mm). But of course we strive to make 1 thickness in the sheet.


  • The latex sheets have 2 sides. 1 side is extreme high gloss, the other side is less gloss. All sheets are smooth. You can see it on the pictures and video's. Sometimes we use different techniques with a different outcome of course and it will be noted in the description with the sheet (and you can see it on the video/picture).
  • Depending on the used technique very tiny holes (airbubble) can be in the sheet. Sometimes they are so small you can not see it from 10 cm distance. Only with a strong light. Very small / micro / mini holes will not effect the strength of the latex, unless you create a very very very tight catsuit ☺. 


  • Because the sheets are handmade also color differences, unevenness and differences occur.
  • If you order 1 sheet today and another sheet in the same colour the next time, it can be different. Because we use pigment to give the latex a colour. So make sure you order enough sheets for your project, because then we use one batch in the same colour for your sheets.
  • Latex is dyed and can release pigments, it 'bleeds'. So pay attention when you put latex sheets (and latex clothing) of different colors on top of each other. With handmade latex the pigment is stronger than latex of the roll from the factory. If you make latex clothing, you use thinner. That is a paint remover, so even then the latex color can sometimes give off on your cloth.

When you receive your latex from us

  • Unpack it as soon as you receive the package. If you are not using it very soon, wrap it around a carboard tube, to keep it neatly and without any fold. Store it in a dark space, normal room temperature (and please read our special page about latex care: click here.

Glitter latex

  • With glitter latex the special glitters are in the latex. They do not fall out of the latex. You will not get abrasions. But glitters are 'things' in the latex, so if you cut a lot of glitter latex, your rotary cutter will get old soon.
  • There may occasionally be micro peelings of metal between the glitters which can give an orange tip after drying the latex. That will not effect at the quality of the latex. It only shows in light colors.

Textured latex

  • Textured latex is made of a lot of very small grooves. Talcum powder can sit between the grooves, so rinse well with water.

Latex allergy

  • Worldwide there is no natural latex without allergic properties! Regardless of what a latex sheet company,  latex sheet or latex fashion designer told you. Every natural latex sheet/clothing can cause allergic reactions. In natural latex there are proteins which can cause that allergic reaction.  If you are allergic to latex condoms and gloves, you probably are allergic to our latex as well. If you want more information about latex allergy please contact your general practitioner. More information about latex allergy in general? Please click here. We cannot be held responsible for any allergies caused by the use of our latex.


  • Please read our special page about latex care (click here) because latex is very sensitive to almost everything such as (but not limited to) light, heat, UV, temperature differences, damp, moist, metals, touch, coming into contact with other colors of latex, moisture, sweat, blood, smoke, odor and colorants etc. etc. 



  • Every sheet is custom made, handmade, special and unique and made by order. Therefore we do not take returns of custom made sheet latex.